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Great moments of our children lives includes there move into "Marriage."  The first picture is of our daughter Isabel Patricia "Belicia" and her wonderful husband Guy Steven Smith.   Guy and Belicia were wed on November 4, 1989.  The second picture is of our daughter Tammy Maria and her wonderful husband Paul Andrew Loiacano.  Paul and Tammy were wed on March 16, 1991,  The third picture is of our youngest daughter Adela Lynn and he wonderful husban Steve Tortora.  Adela and Steve were wed on October 6, 2001.


David A. Beckett is 27 years old and works in  automotive detailing and the Food Service Industry.

Wants to find a wealthy Spanish girl down south! 

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Scott R. Beckett is 38 years old and works in the Food Service Industry.

Plans are to relocate to Spain!-04

Our Three Girls

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Adela Lynn, Top, left seated Isabel Patricia and Tammy Maria. <Photographs 1996>   Belicia, (Isabel Beckett-Smith) Adela Tortora, (Beckett) and Tammy Lionacano, (Beckett) at Adela's Wedding reception October 6, 2001.    Adela Lynn Beckett with sister's Tammy and Belicia Pictures taken at Adela's and Steve's rehearsal dinner October 4, 2001

Sad Facts!

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This picture is of our oldest son Scott Randell with his bride  Andrea "Ange" Bubel.  Scott and Ange were wed on July 4, 1997.  Scott and Andrea were divorced in 2001


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