Join us at Beckett Fest 2007 in Up-State New York!

Scott &  Fernanda Beckett are going to be your host for 2007.


The festivities will be held at Beckett Manor located just east of Rochester, NY

along the legendary Erie Canal.


Please call me if you need



TEL 315-331-0253

See YA'LL Soon! 

Scott & Fanny Beckett

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 * Music  * Family & Friends

* Games  * Swimming

* Lots of Food * Tours

* Boating  * Fishing

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"Dad" Chuck Beckett's

Fish Bait Recipes

Chuck Beckett - Mahomet IL 1965

Mix; 1 Cup Flour, 2 Cups of Corn Meal.  10 Teaspoons of Malaises, and 3 drops of Oil of Anise.  Mix into stiff dough and roll into bait balls.  Drop into Boiling Water for 10 minutes, remove and drop into Cold Water.  This is a sweet tooth Catfish Bait and will stay on the hook! 

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Mix 1 Cup of Quaker Oats with 1/3 Cup of Corn Meal, 1/2 Teaspoon Salt.  Mix in White Corn Syrup until dough is really stiff.  Make sure not to use too much Corn syrup!   


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The Beckett Family Up-State New York January 2007