Letter From Debbie & Dan (Pee Wee)

Hello To All...

Beckettfest 2003 had an extremely small turnout due to rain all day long.  It was decided that the future reunions should be taken on by others in the family.  It's getting too big and too much for Aunt Mary (and Uncle Larry) to handle any more.  So with that said.  I'm pleased to say that Dan & I have agreed to organize and host the 2004 "Beckettfest" Family Reunion!

Those of you who may not know (or remember) me, I am John Michael's oldest daughter.  Just doing my part to keep Grandma Myrtle's dream of a family reunion every year alive.  I think she would be proud to see the next generation of Beckett's carrying the tradition.

Keep in mind that nothing has changed....,just the location.  We are still planning on all the usual festivities and hope that everyone in the family (and life long friends) continue to "flock back home" once a year!


OH!, How Time Fly's

Mansfield Park on Tom and Ella's 50th Wedding Anniversary

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Fond Memories

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Margaret Patricia Beckett - 1919-2004

The loss of our beloved mother this last January 3rd only supports the laws of God and mother nature; we are born to die.... Our mother lived in a time when sacrifice for her family was not only necessary but essential.  I can only surmise that she is still looking over her children.... We love you Mom...

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