Manuel & Isabel's

Family Album 1


Manuel Marin Leal

Nov 25 1909-Dec 11 2004

Parents of: Fernanda Marin Galan (Beckett)

Isabel Galan Nieto

Mar 02 1908-May 01 1982

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The picture above was taken at Fernandas' Fathers home, located in the town of San Fernando, Cadiz, in 1966.  From left to Right are:   Fernanda's Primo Paco, sister Alela, Tio Manolo, and center, (Manolo) Manuel Marin Leal.

To view the pictures as a a side show just press the Play - Stop button, or you can view each picture frame by frame by using the manual buttons of Previous or Next...   These Pictures were taken out of 1 of 2 Albums belonging to Manuel Marin Leal and his daughter Adela Marin Galan Pictures are of Family and friends.  Album covers a period between 1900 and 1990.  Album 2 will present mostly color prints.

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