Wreckett's Auto Center

David Beckett


"I will make you Cycle, Car, RV, Truck or Bus into a show piece" 




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Welcome to Wreckett's Auto Center.  We specialize in uni-body repair. From a light scratch or a nasty collision, we will make your car looking better than new Guaranteed! Using only the industries best materials enables us to do so. Other than just a repair we bring it to the next level. We can customize your vehicle. From ground effects, spoilers, air dams. Or maybe a wicked paint job! We do it all.






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Really Big Jobs

Finished product, this 1983 Blue Bird motor home has 5 different colors that make it look sleek. Well, for a bus anyways.


From Start to Finish. This 1994 Corsica with front end damage, no problem!


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