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My oldest son Scott has been spending a lot of time the past few years at his grandfather Manolo's in southern Spain.  He has just finished taking several videos, one which depicts the culture & history of our part of Spain.  ScottyB as he is known and called, took the following video;

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"BOO!" --2004-- Click on both pictures of Me!

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The Becketts live in many nations around the world.  Most of us love to travel, as you will notice on our site.  Come and see pic's of our latest trip to Spain.  You can also take a look at my in-laws photo album covering the last century.  The album is Isabel and Manolo.  Our family loves sports, so for the sports fans take a look at our son David spending quality time with the Buffal-Jills.  After checking out the Jills, you might just want to go to the Buffalo Bills web site.
Click on Pic's to enlarge.  The  pic below is of  Tom Beckett trying out the first bullet proof squad car with a cutout window for the use of a sub-machine gun. 

Tom Beckett "The Cop"

My Grandfather, the first Generation Beckett in Illinois.  Tom was the  first Chief of Police in Urbana, Illinois 1907-1909, giving it up to go into farming.  Tom  returned to law enforcement when the Champaign Police Department started up. Tom retired after serving 20 years with the Champaign Police Department.

The Becketts Com web site is dedicated to all the Beckett families, and their lineages from their roots in the British Empire to the far stretches of the world.  This website is a mirror of family interests, life styles and community.  We hope you enjoy our presence on the web!   

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